Meet the Team

Pete de Jong

Team Leader

Pete has been a licensed realtor for over 16 years. He has gained valuable experience and knowledge that enables him to negotiate effectively in any real estate transaction. He can also tell you the funniest stories of things that have happened along the way. His focus is on residential and condo sales, where he has the most up to date information in regards to real estate law and technology. He has a strong community profile and is active in church and community organizations. Pete enjoys working with most people and helping them achieve their goals, whether buying or selling. He feels continuing education is necessary for ongoing success and stays current on the latest techniques and knowledge to serve you better. Most of his business is derived from referrals. When not selling real estate, he loves to be with his four kids, or playing his guitar very loud.

Shannon de Jong

Client care specialist

Shannon is the real reason for Pete’s success. She manages the day-to-day operations of the business. Her focus is to do as much of the paper work as possible so that the team can concentrate on servicing you! With strong community involvement and family values she continually volunteers in her local church, as well as other community services. When not in the office, she is the flurry of activity you would expect of a busy mom. After which she enjoys a good book.

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